Sea Lion Island

Pelagic is down at Sea Lion Island for a few days, helping out with some filming, and taking a bit of an expedition away from Stanley, thus keeping the crew out of trouble. Not that we need keeping out of trouble, obviously.

Although the forecast for the weekend is really good, the past week has been predominantly 40+kts from the South. Apart from the fact that it has been bitterly cold, we were a little worried about what the sea state would be like when we tried to set off. After a long debate about when to go, we decided to leave it as long as possible, giving the sea a chance to calm down. Waking up just before dawn on Thursday was a bit of a struggle, and although the sea was still a little sloppy and choppy, we were rewarded with much better conditions and a nice sail in the afternoon.

The plan was for a quick stop at Sea Lion, to collect Paul, a friend who will be staying with us for the next few days, and then on to Bull Roads Cove, back on East Falkland, to hide out from any remaining swell. Everyone we’ve met has recommended Bull Roads as a bullet proof anchorage and I’ve learnt to always listen to the locals.

We arrived at Sea Lion at around 7pm. We were really hoping this week to catch a glimpse of the pod of Orcas that sometimes hunt up and down the shore. As we arrived I flippantly asked where the Orcas where, only for Bertie to squeal as two surfaced close in on the beach. Wow. I don’t think either of us was expecting that. A few minutes later Paul arrived in his tender and we reluctantly left the whales to their hunting and headed back to Bull Roads for some well-earned dinner. We were spoilt with one of the most fantastic sunsets, where the it looked like the whole sky was ablaze, and a rainbow to go with it. Once we were set , we all shared the customary anchor beer; a lovely calm anchorage to ourselves, with only the braying of penguins to keep us company.

We are now motoring back to Sea Lion, with a return to the fantastic t-shirt weather we had the first week we arrived. Blue skies, bacon sarnies in hand, camera at the ready and hopefully a good few days ahead. What more can anyone ask for?

About David

David Roberts is the skipper of sailing yacht Pelagic, a charter expedition yacht working in Antarctica, South Georgia, the Falkland Islands, Tierra del Fuego and Cape Horn areas.
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